1 hour of Speech-Language Therapy = $90
1 hour of Occupational Therapy = $90

1 hour of social pairing for social skills= $75
1 hour of SOS Individual Feeding Therapy = $100
1 hour of Multi-Disciplinary Therapy = $75 per provider ​

Speech-Language Therapy Consultation (no written report) = $125
Speech-Language Therapy Evaluation = Rates vary based on needs/tests given.  Please contact Treehouse Pediatric Therapy for specifics regarding your child's evaluation. 

Occupational Therapy Consultation (no written report) = $125

Occupational Therapy Evaluation = $300
Occupational Therapy Handwriting Screening/Assessment= $100

*Additional services are available for preschool/school visits, peer/group therapy, IEP meeting consultations/support, and home visits if medically necessary.  Please contact Treehouse Pediatric Therapy for specifics.

For rates on feeding groups, social skills groups and other groups please call