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Autism Testing ​and Support​​

Spectrum Support Services offers Diagnostic testing for Autism Spectrum Disorder through administration of the ADOS-2.  

​Support services are available to families of children with ASD related to behavioral and developmental difficulties

School/Daycare Consultations

We offer teletherapy services for both occupational therapy and speech therapy. Teletherapy is like having a therapist in your home, face-to-face, helping you incorporate your child’s individual needs into your home and your day. Teletherapy is done via a computer, smart phone, or an iPad/tablet and is a great opportunity to be directly involved in your child’s therapy. Please note teletherapy is not always the most effective form of therapy for every child. Please discuss with your individual therapist if this would be a good option for your child.

Social skills groups

Other Services offered at treehouse:

Summer Camps​​

Treehouse is offering weekly morning group sessions for children 6-9 years.  The small group setting (no more than 6 children per group) offers an opportunity to connect with peers while learning and practicing social communication, regulation and collaborative skills through interactive games and activities.  


            Session #1
Tuesday mornings - June 11-July 9 (no session 7/2)
                   Ages- 6-7    Time-  9:00-10:30 am
                   Ages - 8-9   Time - 10:45 am- 12:15 pm

            Session #2
             Tuesday mornings - July 16- August 6
                   Ages- 6-7    Time-  9:00-10:30 am
                   Ages - 8-9   Time - 10:45 am- 12:15 pm


             The cost is $390.00 per session.  Children can sign up for one or both sessions.  Payment is due at the beginning of each 4 week session.


New Client Registration Form

(Come play with us!)

Social pairings involve pairing 2 children together during therapy sessions to work on social skills and build confidence in interacting and playing with peers. This is a great way to work on building these skills within a structured and supportive environment. If you are interested in your child working with a peer, please inform your therapist and we will do our best to find an appropriate peer and a day/time that works for all parties.

Our therapists value collaboration with all members of a child’s team. If your child is struggling with participation within the school or daycare environment, please request a school or daycare consultation. Your child’s therapist(s) may observe and/or meet with your child’s teachers or daycare providers to provide information and recommendations for supporting the child across his/her environments.
*Please note this will require you to fill out the Release of Information Form with your child’s school/daycare’s contact information.

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Social skills means more than just knowing social etiquette rules. To be a good friend and participate effectively in a group, children have to learn to recognize and manage their own emotions and perspectives, consider the emotions and perspectives of others, interpret and follow the group plan, maintain whole body listening behaviors with others, flexibly attend to one’s own thoughts and needs while positively acknowledging and supporting the needs of the group through effective collaboration, and assert one’s own ideas into the group plan without upsetting the flow of interactions and ideas of others. Our social skills groups utilize a group structure to learn these skills together through creative play-based activities and projects. Our social skills groups generally run in the summers, but please contact for current offerings.

Social pairings

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