To register, please print off and complete the two page Registration Form and mail with payment to our clinic.

Summer campS AND groups

Summer Social Skills Lunch Bunch Buddies:

Bring your own lunch and enjoy some social interaction time with Marie Marant, SLP and Michelle Allen, OT at Treehouse! Participants will enjoy age appropriate games, activities, discussions, and role play that will encourage a variety of social behaviors. Targeted skills will include: whole body listening, interpreting the group plan by thinking with your eyes, keeping your body and brain in the group, expected vs unexpected behaviors, analyzing the size of a problem vs the size of a reaction, appropriate greetings, starting and maintaining a conversation, joining in a group, and problem solving. Strategies and terminology from Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking and Leah Kuyper’s Zones of Regulation curriculum will be used.

Dates: Week of June 25 
Time: noon - 1:15
Cost: $325
Ages: 8-12 (if your child is under 8 and interested in participating, please let us know as we might run a second group).

Summer Cooking Camp:
Making food together is not only fun and tasty, but a great way to build communication, functional living, and bilateral hand skills. In this summer camp led by Grace Baille, SLP amd Michelle Allen, OT, participants will follow visual recipes, explore kitchen tools, and participate in lively discussions with the group to support their individual therapy goals. Sign language, visual supports, and alternative augmented communication use will be encouraged and supported throughout camp activities. Children with AAC are encouraged to attend. Self-advocacy and learning about substitutions for allergens/sensitivities will also be encouraged.

When: Week of July 23

Time: 10-11:30 
Age: Elementary aged students
Cost: $350