Occupational Therapy ​

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills​
  • Sensory Processing and Modulation​
  • Self-Regulation​
  • Visual Perception​
  • Coordination​
  • Core Strength​
  • Activities of Daily Living​
  • Preschool/School OT Consultations
  • Home/School Sensory Support​
  • Play Skills
  • Sensory Based Feeding Skills

Speech and Language Therapy​

  • Oral Placement Skills for speech and feeding​
  • Social Language Skills​
  • Auditory Processing​
  • Apraxia/Dyspraxia​
  • Oral Placement Skills for those who are minimally verbal​
  • Sensory Based Feeding Therapy
  • Articulation/Language Therapy
  • Preschool/School Speech-Language Consultations
  • Play Skills
  • Breast/Bottle Feeding
  • Swallowing Therapy 

Dietary/Nutritional Services

Feeding Therapy Groups

Play Skills​ Groups

Social Skills Groups​

Summer Camps and Groups​

School Team Meeting Consult/Support​

Home/School Sensory Support