Please be aware of the following changes:

We will be keeping abreast of the State Mandates regarding the  reopening of businesses and will be adhering to them. We will be monitoring the health of all of our staff and families and will keep open communication around any confirmed cases within our Treehouse family.

  • Parents and siblings will be required to wait in the car during the child’s session.  Exceptions will be made for very young children and children that are unable to separate from parents/caregiver or as deemed necessary by the therapist.  We are strictly enforcing the rule of not allowing siblings into therapy sessions in order to decrease health risks and we are asking for your understanding and support with this. Should it be necessary for a parent/caregiver to accompany a child into therapy, the health protocol will apply to them as well.
  • Children will be seen individually with their therapist and will not share treatment space with other therapists and/or clients, at this time. 
  • Material and surfaces will be cleaned between all sessions. In order to do so, your prompt return to the parking lot, 5 minutes prior to the end of your child’s session, is required.
  • We will be avoiding unnecessary touch during sessions and will be wearing gloves to minimize potential exposure of contagions.   
  • Parents will be provided with a consent form prior to returning to therapy, which will require a signature and must be returned before therapy resumes.  This form will contain questions  regarding the health status of your child as well as any possible exposure to COVID 19.
  • Prior to leaving home please have your child use the restroom to limit need for use at Treehouse.
  • Therapists will be wearing masks during therapy.  Please let your child know this ahead of time.  Some flexibility will be allowed if the child is fearful of masks.  
  • Please have your child arrive for therapy with a mask.  We will accommodate children who are unable to tolerate mask wearing.
  • When you arrive at Treehouse, we will ask that you stay in your car and text your therapist that you have arrived.  Your therapist will meet you at your car and ask you a series of questions regarding your child’s medical status and any possible exposure to COVID 19.  
  • Please have your child use hand sanitizer as they exit your car.  
  • Before entering the Treehouse, Therapists will take your child’s temperature with a no contact thermometer.
  • Children and therapists will wash hands upon entering the Treehouse and before returning to your car.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these procedures and look forward to a safe return. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out to your therapist. 

COVID-19 Policy